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Caroline Buschman

1805 - 1833

Life History

about 1805


22nd May 1826

Married Richard Hardinge Stewart in St Pancras.

August 1833

Died in St Pancras.

Hardynge Buschman marriage


Richard and  Caroline (née Buschman) have 6 children:

Richard Hardinge - 1827
Cathe Moody - 1829
Amelia - 1830
Henry Tillotson - 1832
Laurentia - 1832
Caroline Ann - 1833

'Amelia' and 'Laurentia' are the names of two Buschman sisters, one of whom is married to Charles Stewart Drewry.

Charles Stewart and Laurentia (nee Buschman), name their firstborn son William Tillotson after a beloved brother who died in 1835.
The occurrence of the 'Tillotson' name in both families is curious.

The coincidence of the childrens' names with those of the Drewry-Buschman family, led me to assume that Caroline and Laurentia must be related and are sisters. We assumed, correctly, that Caroline is the elder since Laurentia starts her family ten years after Caroline starts hers.

This relationship appears to be correct.
See The Stewart/Runciman Connection.

Caroline Stewart's burial recordCaroline's burial record at St Pancras, Camden, is amongst others who died in Grove Street that day followed by others in the Cholera Hospital (on the same day).
Catherine Stewart (her mother-in-law, who also lived in Grove Street) was buried in January 1833.
Thomas Allen Drewry's burial is also recorded in the St Pancras register, in August that year. He also lived in Grove Street.
It is likely that Caroline, Catherine, and Thomas Allen died in the cholera epidemic that started in London in 1832.

Catherine (Cathe Moody), widow of Cosmas would probably have been living with her son and daughter in law Caroline and Richard Hardinge Stewart. Thomas Allen Drewry may or may not have been living with them.

In Pallot's Marriage Index:

Caroline Buschman - Richard H Stewart, 1826, S Pancras